eVOLVER Documentation Wiki

Welcome to the eVOLVER documentation wiki! This aims to be a resource for all things eVOLVER, covering how to set up, use, modify, and troubleshoot hardware, software, and wetware on the platform.
If you have any suggestions or feedback on the wiki, documentation, or eVOLVER, please let us know on the forum!
Please also note that we are still working on this wiki! There are many incomplete pages/stubs that we will fill out as we continue to build out documentation.
Forum for asking questions, posting guides, and discussing eVOLVER related topics.
JoVE Paper - Visual protocol for running an eVOLVER continuous culture experiment.

Software Repositories

Electron GUI Code Repository - Graphical UI for interacting with the eVOLVER platform

Hardware Repositories

eVOLVER Hardware Repository - eVOLVER Hardware (PCB, 3D printed parts)
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