View the Server Log and Restart Server

About Server Logs

We use supervisor to run and manage the logs for the eVOLVER server. eVOLVERs should come pre-configured with this.

We also provide a utility monitoring and restart script, evolvercron and To use, add the crontab job line in evolvercron into your cron installation.

View Server Logs

  1. Connect to your server via the following command (replace <eVOLVER_IP> with your eVOLVER's IP)

    1. ssh pi@<eVOLVER_IP>

  2. Enter the eVOLVER server's password

  3. Enter the supervisor environment via the following command:

    1. sudo supervisorctl

  4. Use the following command to follow the eVOLVER server log:

    1. tail -f evolver

To understand what you see in the server log, take a look at the information here.

Restart the eVOLVER Server

  1. If you are currently following the eVOLVER server in supervisorctl, use ctrl+C to exit. Otherwise, follow steps 1-3 in the above guide.

  2. Enter the following command:

    1. restart evolver

  3. If you quickly follow the server via tail -f evolver you should see it restart

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