Why Document?

  1. Accessibility - nonexperts have an easier time learning and will become experts more quickly (they can then improve the eVOLVER).

  2. Complexity - eVOLVER is a complex system and even experts may not have a complete grasp of all its parts.

  3. Knowledge loss - when the designers of an undocumented part are no longer available, any troubleshooting or modification requires rediscovery of how that part works. (Even the designer of a part may forget how it works after some time).

When to Document

  1. When creating a new feature in the base eVOLVER

  2. No page about the topic exists and it could prove useful

  3. Current documentation is out-of-date or insufficient

Documentation about optional extensions (optogenetics, biosensing) to the eVOLVER should be collected and added to the Wiki after publication.

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