Setup Waste Carboy

  1. Place waste lines into carboy

  2. We use a small stand to bring the carboy closer to the eVOLVER

  3. Have an extra carboy ready to swap in when the first gets full

  4. (Optional) You can fill 10% of the carboy with bleach

    1. Or bleach after depending on whether you hate the smell bleach or your culture more

  5. (Optional) Shrink heat shrink tubing onto the waste lines to make them easier to deal with

  6. (Optional) Drill a hole through the carboy cap to make the opening to the carboy smaller (less smelly)

  7. (Optional) Parafilm the opening to the carboy to make it less smelly

If you intend to leave overnight or for a weekend, make sure that the carboy has more than enough room in it for the maximum volume you will efflux. Consider using two carboys.

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