Use the GUI to Control Parameters

A guide for usage of the eVOLVER GUI to set parameters

Before doing using the GUI, all Software Installation and Network Configuration should be complete.

Also, make sure to calibrate parameters before using them.

Also Refer to the JoVE paper for a video of using the GUI and the GUI Experiment Start Guide.

Turn on the eVOLVER 5V power supply by flipping the associated switch. IMPORTANT: Wait for 5 seconds before turning on the 12V power supply.

Ensure the correct eVOLVER is selected by consulting the upper right hand corner of the GUI. It will display the eVOLVER name (default is evolver-darwin), followed by the IP address in parentheses. This will be the IP address you assigned it when setting up the router connecting the DPU to the vial platform.

If connected, the indicator dot next to the name should be green. If this dot is red, you may need to troubleshoot the eVOLVER vial platform connection to the DPU. Consult the eVOLVER DPU Installation and Networking Setup for details on setting up and troubleshooting this connection. Otherwise consult the forum or post a question.

In the PARAMETER box, ensure the correct calibrations are selected for Temp, OD, and the pumps. Click the box for each to bring up a list of available calibrations for that parameter.

Select all vials by tapping Select All in the bottom right corner of the screen. The vial circles on the right side of the display should become orange.

You can also click and drag to select as many vials as you want.

Tap the NEXT → on the box that says parameter to get to the Stir tab. Tap the - button or drag the slider to a Stir of 8. Press the Stir: 8 button to alter the stirring of all vials.

Tap the NEXT → on the box that says parameter to get to theTemperature tab. Tap the - button or drag the slider until the middle button says 37.0 °C and tap the button. The EXECUTED COMMANDS box should state that a stir and then temp command was sent to all vials.


Refer to the JoVE video for how to use pumps and sterilize fluidic lines

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