Part Sourcing

Check the upgrades guide here.


  1. Use the below Google Sheet to source parts for each of the eVOLVER subsystems (click on the tabs for different parts of the eVOLVER)

  2. Parts may not be available due to backorder, discontinuation, or regional differences

  3. If you are able to find an alternative vendor for a part, please post to the forum so it can be added to the spreadsheet

  4. Should you not be able to order a part, post to the forum

eVOLVER Specific Parts

Many eVOLVER parts must be 3D printed or are custom PCBs made to control eVOLVER hardware. For these, please see the hardware GitHub for CAD files and electronics parts lists for eVOLVER PCBs.

Vial Caps

3D printed nylon caps are currently preferred for their defined influx angles and ease of setting efflux height.

Nylon Caps should be 3D printed from the hardware GitHub or ordered from Fynch Bio

  • Once nylon caps arrive, clean excess nylon powder out of the tubes with a drill bit or small pipe cleaner

Old caps: Making vial caps w/ laser cutter and pipette tip

Relevant Forum Posts

Note that the eVOLVER Consumables form post calls for 5/32" barbed connectors and 1/8" tubing. This is no longer recommended; refer to the "Fluidics tab" on the google sheet above and media bottle and splitter guide.

eVOLVER Consumables

Vial Racks

Waste Containers

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