Hardware Development

Design Ethos

eVOLVER Hardware strives to be:

  1. Modular

  2. Extensible

  3. Programmable

  4. Robust

  5. Affordable

  6. Accessible (easily sourced parts, open source designs and information)


  1. Make an issue on the hardware GitHub

  2. Characterize the problem on the forum

  3. Make changes and add to your forum post

  4. Make a pull request on GitHub

Hardware GitHub Contribution Guide

Once the new hardware has been tested by the community, follow the guide for contributing to GitHub as outlined on the software page.

CAD file contributions should be uploaded in the following formats:

  1. .sldprt or .f3d - Solidworks or Fusion360 Archive files. These contain the design history of the part, making future editing much easier.

  2. .step or .stp files to support editing via any common CAD tool

  3. .stl file for 3D printing and model viewing.

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