Fluidics Setup


More about pumps here.

More about tubing and connectors here.


Fit tubing to your application

General Notes

  1. If you are doing ePACE in the min-eVOLVER, check the experiment page for fluidic routing

  2. Make sure it's easy to get both tube ends into a beaker for sterilization

  3. Alternatively you can connect an additional line to short tubing for easy sterilization

  4. Feel free to modify any tubing colors, pump functions (requires some coding), or anything else, so that it makes sense to you

To-Vial Tubing Method (Right Port of All Pumps)

  1. Start with tubing that is longer than you think you will need - you can trim it later easily

  2. Put eVOLVER vials with caps in the smart sleeves

  3. Estimate the tubing lengths for the to-vial pump tubing

    1. Plug in 1/16" male connector to luer lock on vial cap (or end of needle if you are using those style caps)

    2. Put tubing onto the connector barb

    3. Estimate tubing length so that it is comfortable to move the vial in and out of the smart sleeves with the tube attached to the cap (right figure below)

Efflux (Pumps 1 + 2 Right Port)

  1. Use clear blue 1/16" ID tubing

  2. Can be relatively short because it connects just to the vial

Waste (Pumps 1 + 2 Left Port)

  1. Use red 1/16" ID tubing

  2. Should reach from left port of bottom pumps into waste carboy

Media influx + Inducers (Pumps 3 - 6)

  1. Use clear 1/16" ID tubing

  2. Left pump port should be long enough to reach media / inducers easily

  3. Right pump port can be relatively short because it connects just to the vial

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