Upgrade Base eVOLVER Hardware

Warning: you will need to recalibrate both OD and temperature after doing this.


You can tell if you have this part because there are triangle-shapes around the screws holding the Smart Sleeve together. If your eVOLVER is stock from Fynch, then you do not have the upgraded part (as of April 2024).


  • More consistent OD calibration

    • Because of variation in depth of photodiode and OD LED. See here

    • Otherwise you will have vials with poor calibrations

  • More resistant to overflow

    • On the old 3D printed part (v5.1.1 and below), overflows could easily short the heating resistors

    • The latest version has cutaways to prevent this


  1. Print out your vial holder by downloading the latest version here

  2. Use this guide to help you rebuild your Smart Sleeve with the new vial holder

  3. Recalibrate temperature and OD

Stronger Stirring

More stirring leads to better aeration and thus better growth in many cases. Try this stir bar for more vigorous stirring: Length 20 mm, Diameter 3 mm (# SBM-2003-MIC).

Try different stir speeds to see if you can get stable and intense stirring.

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