Parts Spreadsheet

Below is a spreadsheet containing all parts required to make a min-eVOLVER.

  1. Read the notes below the spreadsheet as well.

  2. Don't miss the "Consumables / General" tab. These items also need to be acquired before running experiments.


If you are making a min-eVOLVER Control Board PCB from scratch you have two options (as of 10/24/2023):

  1. Buy the parts needed from Digikey, order the PCB from PCBWay or another manufacturer, and solder the board yourself

    1. NOT recommended for anyone not already familiar with surface mount soldering.

    2. An interactive bill of materials (for part placement) can be found here. Download it and open it into your browser.

  2. Order an assembled PCB from PCBWay or another manufacturer

The PCBWay bill of materials (BOM) can be found in the third tab of the above spreadsheet.

You can find the gerber files to order the PCB here.

Pump PCB

Should be ordered from PCBWay or another manufacturer. You can find the gerber files here.

12V Power Supply

Several 12V power supplies were tested and were selected for reliability and low noise. While most 12V power supplies should work well in the short term, long term usage may vary. Use a different power supply at your own risk.

Vial Cover

NOT AN OPTIONAL COMPONENT - Protects OD photodiodes from environmental light, which will completely change your OD calibrations. Also protects smart sleeves from spills and splashes.

3D print the latest vial cover to allow for more consistent OD readings. Choose the cheapest black FDM printing on,, or a local 3D printing shop and give them the .stl file in the github repository.

eVOLVER Smart Sleeves

May be purchased from Fynch Bio. If interested in making your own see the main parts sheet and follow this assembly guide. This is not recommended for its added complication (you will need to machine the aluminum tube for example), but will save money.

Tube Holder

(As of 10/24/2023) If you ordered your smart sleeves from Fynch, they will come with a 3D printed tube holder that does not have defined OD LED and photodiode positions.

It is highly recommended that you instead print the latest (as of writing v5.1.1) tube holder to allow for more consistent OD readings (see here). Choose the cheapest black FDM printing type on,, or a local 3D printing shop and give them the .stl file in the github repository.

Use this guide to swap in the new tube holder.

Consumables / General

Listed in the "Consumables / General" sheet of the above spreadsheet

  • Anything not listed as (Optional) is required for a full experiment.

  • You need a thermometer for calibrating temperature, we have suggested the one we use.

  • If you plan to run multiple min-eVOLVERs from a computer, you will need to have a USB port available for each one. You can use a USB splitter dongle to accomplish this. Example here.

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