Guidelines for Contribution

Why contribute?

When we improve the base eVOLVER, all of the projects that are built on eVOLVER benefit from increased ease of use, reliability, and understandability.

eVOLVER is too big for any one person to support. Currently, there is no dedicated staff to fix problems or be technical support. Therefore, we rely on our community of experts to improve the eVOLVER system.

How can I help?

Thank you for your interest in contributing to eVOLVER!

Even if you don't write code, you can still contribute. We are always looking for assistance with creating or updating documentation and reporting bugs.

Ideas for new features are always welcome over at the forum. Just make sure to search for your feature before posting. Please also consider developing the feature yourself!

Developers are very very much appreciated! Follow the software and hardware development guidelines and post on the forums if you get stuck.

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