Used to send arbitrary commands to a server outside of both the GUI and an experiment.

Useful for:

  1. Controlling the min-eVOLVER

  2. Sending custom commands if you have added an experimental parameter

  3. Sending pump commands greater than 20 seconds if you are using the slow (~1mL/min) pumps or using IPPs


You must

  1. Start the server before using, otherwise commands will not go through.

  2. In another terminal window, enter into the dpu virtual environment and navigate to the folder is in: /dpu/experiment/

Send a Command

python3 <port> <parameter> <value>

The <port> variable tells the program which eVOLVER to connect to

  1. This is designated in the conf.yml file of the eVOLVER under 'port'

  2. It is arbitrary, but we can choose something like 5555

Commands in the Server Log

When you send a command, you should see it come up in the window you're running the server in. See here for more information about the eVOLVER server and commands.

Annotated Server Log as a Command Comes in

Connected dpu as server    # Connection to the script
Received COMMAND           # Command received the script
stiri,0,0,_!               # Stir command, each vial is turned off
Disconnected dpu as Server
stire,0,0,end              # Response from the min-eVOLVER board. It got the command 
stira,,,_!                 # The server tells the min-eV board it can run the command


To set a parameter on all vials to one value: python3

For example, to turn stirring ON:
python3 5555 stir 11

Stirring OFF:
python3 5555 stir 0

Temperature OFF:
python3 5555 temp 64000

To run specific pumps (where s is a number of seconds):

python3 5555 pump s,s,s,s,s,s

For example:

python3 5555 pump 0,0,0,0,5,5

To set a non-pump parameter on specific vials:

python3 <port> <parameter> <list_of_values>

For example:

python3 5555 temp 30000,31000

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