The min-eVOLVER was originally conceived of as a minimal apparatus to conduct phage-assisted continuous evolution (PACE). Thus it has two bioreactors (eVOLVER Smart Sleeves): one for a "host cell reservoir" and one for a "lagoon". It also has six pumps: four for bulk media in and out of the two Smart Sleeves and two for fine control over inducers into the lagoon.
However, base min-eVOLVER can be used for most continuous culture scenarios, such as turbidostat and chemostat. It can also be readily adapted to new experiments.

Differences from Main eVOLVER

Software-Hardware Architecture

The software architecture of the min-eVOLVER is similar to the original eVOLVER, with the exceptions that:
  • The Raspberry Pi server has been replaced with a server run on the connected laptop
  • A single Arduino SAMD21 actuates all functions and collects vial data through the min-eVOLVER board