Morbidostat algorithms have been developed that gradually increase the selection pressure of an evolving culture, typically based on measured growth rate23. Previously, this algorithm has been implemented with two media inputs (+ and - drug), requiring three peristaltic pumps per culture (w/ efflux pump). In a 16-vial eVOLVER unit, this setup can easily be implemented by (1) controlling 48 pumps with the auxiliary board or (2) using multiplexed fluidics with the millifluidic devices. The prior being simpler to implement for 2 media inputs and the latter letting one scale to >2 inputs. As currently designed, the auxiliary board can control up to 48 fluidic elements (pumps/ solenoids). To run morbidostat mode, one would need to modify the Python code to the desired growth algorithm (e.g. control rate of drug increase, growth rate threshold to trigger the drug input).

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