Known Issues

Please report any issues you come across in the appropriate Github repository and consider making a post on the forum!


OD is dependent on depth of LED in vial

  • Characterized on this forum post

  • Needs to be pushed to users

OD is dependent on vial position

  • Notched vial caps help align

  • Brandon has designed vial aligners

  • It is generally an unwritten rule to not move vials after experiment start, but this is sometimes impossible

Stirring affects OD

  • Tuning stirring too high can cause stir bars to chitter (stop turning and move around)

  • Because the stirred media forms a spout in the middle

  • Therefore inconsistent stirring can means more noise in OD reading

  • Also, less stirring = less optimal growth


Pump heads stop working

  • Causes overflows, poor reliability

  • Fixed by new pumps

  • Almost all evolvers have old pumps


New eVOLVER base susceptible to fluid damage

  • Vial overflows or spills get into chassis via ribbon cable ports, then short motherboard

  • Drainage system drips down the back of the eV and into chassis

  • Overflows finally leak onto bench and floor requiring serious cleanup

Old eVOLVER base susceptible to fluid damage

  • Fluids from vials drip onto pumps, destroying them

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