Adding a Third Pump Rack


  1. Buy another pump rack from Fynch

  2. 2X - 40-20 aluminum tubing

    1. Final length 5.7 inches (144.78mm)


Machine 40-20 Aluminum Tubing

Do for both of the aluminum rails. Diagram can be found here.

  1. Cut to final length 5.7 inches (144.78mm)

  2. If necessary, drill out the hole on each side so that your M6 x 1mm tap can work

  3. Tap each side with M6 x 1mm tap


  1. Unscrew 4 screws from top of original pump mount

  2. Remove 20-20 aluminum tube

  3. Replace with 40-20 tube. Screw in

  4. Add 3D printed extenders

  5. Screw in 3D printed extenders

  6. Slot pump rack in

  7. Plug in ribbon cables

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