Reporting a Bug / Hardware Failure

Is it a bug / failure?

Examples of things that aren't considered bugs / hardware failures:

  • Can't figure out how to do something

  • Having issues installing software or setting up eVOLVER

  • My experiment failed

  • I want the eVOLVER to do something different (If you have a new feature request please post on the forums)

If your issue falls into one of these categories, please use the troubleshooting documentation or ask on the forums

Before reporting a new issue

  1. Carefully read the documentation for the affected part.

  2. Use the troubleshooting documentation

  3. Software - Make sure you are running the latest versions of the GUI and DPU

  4. Try to narrow it down to reproducible steps. If we can reproduce it, we will be able to fix the issue faster.

  5. Check the known issues pages for hardware and software, also check issues for software on GitHub

    1. Should your bug be described there, comment on the issue that you are also experiencing it

    2. Add additional information if you can

  6. Search the forums using a few different search terms.

  7. If you got this far, then report an issue.

Reporting a new issue

  1. Make an issue on the relevant software GitHub or the hardware GitHub

  2. Characterize the problem in a forum post

  3. If this bug / failure is detrimental to you, please consider developing a solution

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