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Known Issues

Please report any issues you come across in the appropriate Github repository and consider making a post on the forum!
  • Arduino addressing (ask Ezira)
  • List of rules


Need a way to re-blank OD during the middle of an experiment
  1. 1.
    Currently have to make a new experiment
  2. 2.
    Sometimes you need to change a vial's position
Remote access / backup of experiment
  • Also alerts for


Need easy editing / swapping of conf.yml files
  • Some experiments require pausing of certain parameters
  • Therefore they need to send pre/post commands that are executed before a given main command is executed
  • So they have long broadcast times and need their conf.yml files to be swapped out
  • Also important that humans don't edit conf.yml (can easily mess formatting up)
Pumps run for a second when server is restarted
  • Can cause unintended media spillage
Commands will not be properly sent if they are too long
  • Solution: increase serial_timeout in conf.yml


Calibrations require command line
Calibrations should be saved automatically in the dpu
  • This way server troubleshooting / issues with the rPi do not effect them
Last vial adjusted each round in an OD calibration (usually vial 15) can have higher error
  • Because the server gives old values

Flexibility / Extensions to eVOLVER

Addition of experiment parameters (pH, light, etc) requires many manual changes to code
  • GUI needs to be manually adapted for each new parameter. Templates for a new calibration and parameter control are needed


A shared library of tools for analyzing eVOLVER data in python
  • No need for each new user to reinvent the wheel for importing eVOLVER files and doing more complicated analysis on them than the GUI graphing will provide
  • Also having the dpu software output data into a single csv file (not broken up by vial / variable) for easy analysis would be good -- definitely would need to be in long format (ie vial as a variable)